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Your Oklahoma Physician Evaluation Process:


1. Schedule Your Appointment

Using the link below schedule an appointment with one of our physicians at a time that works best for you.

3. Apply for Your Medical Card

Our patient specialist will help you complete the Medical Card Application on the OK Department of Health portal.

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We will provide you a secure link to  be evaluated by our physician at the convenience of your home.

4. Easy and Safe Payment

We charge $99 (New patients) once you receive your medical certification. ($100 State application fee is not included).

Frequently asked questions

What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Medical Card In Oklahoma?

You must submit a signed Physician Certification with your OK Department of Health application – and that is where we come in! We will provide the Physician Certification and then you can apply to get your card.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions To Get A Medical Card in Oklahoma

Oklahoma does not have specific qualifying conditions to receive a medical cannabis card. If a doctor deems that cannabis may benefit your well-being, you’re eligible for a medical cannabis card.

How Much Does the Process Cost?

1) Physician Appointment Fee – due at the time of the online video chat with the physician. If you qualify for a medical card we charge $99. If you don't qualify you don't pay anything. 2) Oklahoma Department of Health Application Fee – $100 application fee or $20 application fee for applicants with proof of Medicaid/Medicare/100% Disabled Veteran Status

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"I was super nervous, and everyone there was WONDERFUL ! They put me at ease. Great experience!"

"Such an easy process. Didn't know what to expect. Communication is outstanding, you're never left wondering what's next....."

From start to finish my experience was seamless. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed and addressed. 

Michael H


The LeafyQuickMD Mission

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and state-licensed doctors. We believe all people deserve access to medical products if they think it might improve their quality of life. 

Whether you're a connoisseur or thinking of becoming a first-time medical patient, our doctors will listen to your needs and give you an honest opinion about whether they think can help.



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